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Ceremony, new richly orchestrated album is out under Lost Tribe Sound label since 8.10.2021.

With ceremonial instruments and chants, this is an invitation to a deep listening ceremony.
I recommend to listen to it in an undisturbed space-time, which we set aside only for ourselves, in which we are ready to open ourselves to the unknown, and to observe our inner happenings. *
I invite you to be carried away by the waves to the Mother-river, where you can dive into yourself. Listen to those places within yourself that do not always have room to be heard. Listen deeply, with an open heart.
* you will need (at least) 74 minutes to do this
(Ceremony is part of Salt & Gravity series at Lost Tribe Sound label)

CEREMONY (2021, Lost Tribe Sound)

Read more about Ceremony and explore digital artist booklet

Watch 11 min. documentary about Ceremony – Honest covnersation between me and Ján Kružliak Jr.. What does it mean to step into Ceremony? How to listen to it? How was the collaboration with the violinist Ján Kružliak Jr.? What is the reason behind the tribal sounds and what is it all about?