These are most important releases of 2018 for me.

1. Jon Hopkins – SINGULARITY (Domino)
– Perfect coherent IDM. Masterpiece for spiritual journey.

2. Oneohtrix Point Never– AGE OF (Warp)
– Unique, futuristic storm of weird ideas, electronic compositions and playful melodies, unlike anything else. This inventive work can uncover something very contemporary we havent even think we have in our selves.

3. James Murray – FALLING BACKWARDS (Home Normal)
– Beautiful deep listening personal ambient album, that fills the room in a almost physical way. If you would like to experience a breathtaking deep voyage, this is one of the best examples to get in touch with the evolution of minimal classical music.

4. Anne Garner – LOST PLAY (Slowcraft)
– Gem of intimate songwriting that is so rare and fragile that will glow only under the moonlight. It focuses on the very sensitive theme of curing child traumas.

– Discreet dreamy album based on sweet songwriting, microtextured electronica and precise neo-classical arrangements.

6. Low – DOUBLE NEGATIVE (Sub Pop)
– Great songwriting combined with uniquely beautiful glitches and heartbreaking melodies.

– My long crafted album opened Slowcraft Presents series and I lived quite an adventurous year thanks to it.)

8. Neotropic – THE ABSOLUTE ELSEWHERE (Slowcraft)
– Second Slowcraft Presents release by British producer and singer Riz Maslen. I feel this release is very emotional, dark and intense lament, that has very strong appeal in itself.

9. GRI + MOSCONI (Federico Mosconi) – IN BETWEEN OCEAN AND SKY (Slowcraft)
– Third Slowcraft Presents album by Italian duo is also their debut album. If you are in mood for dreamy, impressionistic, neo-classical/ambient composition, this is really something.

10. Tim Hecker – Konoyo (Kranky) (experimental electronica, ambient)

11. From the Mouth of the Sun – Sleep Stations (Lost Tribe Sound) (ambient, neoclassical)
+ Aaron Martin – Touch Dissolves (IIKKI) (ambient, neoclassical)

12. Recomposed by Peter GregsonBach – The Cello Suites (Deutsche Grammophon) (instrumental classical)

13. Warmth – Paralleel (Archives) (ambient)

14. Ex:Re – Ex:Re (4AD) (songwriting, alt pop)

I will be really grateful for any of your recommendations based on these.

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