🎧 improvised concert & dance performacne for Ukraine

An artist, friend and playbacker from Ukraine, Roman Kandibur, asked us for an artistic prayer – a ceremony for the safe sky above Ukraine. This encouraged the emergence of the “Číra chvíľa” – “Sheer Moment – A wish for Safe Space” a musical-movement-improvised meditation, which was to gradually simulate pre-war tensions, conflict and the dream for peaceful transformation in three parts. Selflessly and with big sincerity, 3 musicians (Kikon, Alapastel, Charon) and 4 dancers (Anna, Emília, Pavol, Tomáš). joined forces.

There was just so little time to prepare this improvisation that magic could take place during it, which managed to surprise each of us. We felt that something bigger than ourselves was happening and the result is, in our opinion, very honest, pure, intense and beautiful.

We still hope that death can also be a rebirth. That compassion can shine upon all hearts. We feel humbly affirmed by the fact that in this little simulation we have managed to experience this transformation in our Safe Space and see the “end”, which is also a new beginning. We pray that the story does not end in a moment of suffering, but in a moment of transformation, awakening and healing in the creation of a new world in loving coexistence.

The beneficiary of the performance was the Humanitarian Foundation of the Ukrainian School of Playback Theater. If you like you can support them trough this link https://secure.wayforpay.com/payment/usptfoundation

Performance and following open playback theatre rehearsal has been part of the international festival PT Responds: Peace Please – Playback Festival of Solidarity.

Thank You!

We say yes to peace!

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