Alapastel & Kikon – In Search of Space Beyond Time

6-song recording processed from the live improvisations of first 2 hours of all-night sleepover concert Dream Scenes Pezinok 11.-12.3.2023.

Listen in high quality here:

In search of space beyond time
(Our souls yearn to soar and climb)

Like water flowing endlessly,
Towards the unknown, unceasingly
Even if we never find the dreams,
Of heavens vast and infinite streams
The wind in our minds carries us far,
And shows us that time is but a star
For the now that passes, creates time,
But the now that remains, creates eternity sublime
And in the beauty that surrounds us all,
Lies the intelligence of the universe’s call
For in the search for space and more,
We discover the wonders of the cosmos’ core

Photo by Gabika, Design by Alapastel, Poem by Alapastel, Kikon & ChatGTP3

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