Hidden for the Eyes is the exquisite debut album from Slovakian composer Lukáš Bulko recording as Alapastel. This treasure trove of neo-classical grandeur, electro-acoustic production and subtle folk undertones was eight years in the making and clearly signals the arrival of a unique and original new talent. Lukáš speaks with spirited and assured musical voice in an ambitious, pastoral and otherworldly collection, enhanced by the vocal talents of Alex Lukáčová and Marián Hrdina and the sensitive mix and mastering of Adam Dekan. This is the first in a new Slowcraft Presents series created and curated by James Murray: exceptional, unclassifiable music offered in carefully handcrafted limited editions for people who treasure beautiful audio artefacts.” (James Murray, Slowcraf Records, 2018)slovakia_round_icon_64

LUKÁŠ BULKO is self-taught composer from Slovakia. He was born in 1986 in Trenčín and currently lives in Bratislava. He started making music on computer in the age of 15 and successively it became his greatest joy. Hidden For The Eyes is his debut album that took 8 years of work. In his professional life, he works in NGO sector.

ADAM DEKAN born in 1986 is Slovakia based musician and producer, working as a sound-designer and mixing engineer. His long time passion for modular synthesis and keyboard synths has brought him to appreciate and explore many modern yet harmonically rich musical genres. (sc)

ALEX LUKÁČOVÁ born in 1989 in Bratislava had been developing her musical talent since 15 years old. Starting with drums, later bass-guitar and finally singing. She was core member and singer in electro-acoustic band Núku. (bc)

MARIÁN HRDINA was born in 1986 as one of three kids in the family of teacher and journalist. He discovered musical talent as 17 years old, when he enrolled for singing role in theater play. He later studied classical opera singing in VŠMU and now is member of Slovak philharmonic choir and Danubius octet singers. He also runs his own musical projects.

SILVIA BOBEKOVÁ was born in 1991 in the town Nitra. Since her childhood she had been living in a small village near the city, where she had been developing her art. She currently lives in the Martin city, surrounded by mountains, nature and peace, which are her biggest inspirations. She is full time freelance visual artist, engaged in various forms like paintings, graphic arts or even hand-painted footwear. (f)

LIBUŠA ČTVERÁKOVÁ was born in 1984 in Malacky. She grew up in artistic family, making art since childwood. Colors are her passion. She paints dreamlike worlds, the main motif being ~Light. (f)

LUBOŠ DE GERERDO SURŽIN was born in 1981 in Košice. His main work is creation of artistic backgrounds, designs and whole frames to movies (e.g. Avatar, Clash of Titans, The Hunger Games, Godzilla, Alice in Wonderland, Alienist, Cloverfield etc.). He is also active oil-painter and writer. His first fantasy novel “Forest Nymphs: Joining of the Shadows” is being published under Memoirs Mereo Publishing London. (p,f,f,m)