Reflection of toxic relationships and the environment. Music video for a track Demon.

Alapastel’s debut album Hidden for the Eyes has opened ‘exceptional, unclassifiable music’ edition on Slowcraft Records and was released on March 9, 2018. Important part of the album is Digital Booklet with unique paintings by new wave of Slovak visual artists Silvia Bobeková, Luboš Suržin and Libuša Čtveráková.

This project is now enriched by glitch-art music video for the track Demon.

Daniela Olejnykov (, the director and author of the video, is a Slovak digital graphic artist, visual poet and philosopher. The author has long been involved in glitch-art. She revealed the narrative and symbols used in the video:  “There are some repeating elements in the clip, which gradually become symbolic in dimension. The sea was the first image I intentionally used as it is commonly used as a symbol of subconsciousness. This element then follows the planets, the moon in particular and its influence on our planet in relation to water. Smoke effects, and their inverted and glitch form, are trying to reflect the constant shift of our attention and consciousness to things that are familiar to us, conscious, remembered, and those we try to suppress or ignore or remember our memory. In a sense, the use of (intentionally designed) glitch moments on raw nature images also reflects on the relationship of man to nature (climatic changes), the world, and to our intense activities, which transform things. The overall impression of distraction thus constantly erodes the “reality”, but ultimately does not know what it is and why it is, and where there are some clues, until it is reduced and absorbed by the black hole.

Lukáš Bulko alias Alapastel adds:  “Demon depicts very sudden and intense awakening into the cruel essence of today’s late-modern society, viewed as deeply narcissistic (unable and too anxious to see another perspective except for its own). The citizens of this society can be seen as self-centered individuals, exhausted by the war with their own selves. It was composed during the psychological exhaustion from the unfulfilled need for a constructive and safe space as a result of devastating relationship breakup.

The Symbol or the myth of the Demon is a story of the power that deflects, contort and flattens our potential for authentic and deep connection to reality. This power transforms our freedom into superficiality, condemnation and ignorance. It puts a spotlight on everyday banality and procedural life responsibilities; precious time is occupied by a cycle of repetitive addictions; interest in others is damaged due to need of control, superiority and egocentrism; the possible change of attitudes is prevented by laziness, fed by fear of new, boring, or unpleasant. The result is a world in which there is an acute scarcity of sincere, understandable and mutually supportive relationships. It affects not only human relationships, but also work, animals, and our environment.

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