🎧Dream Scenes Movement Lab, sleepover ambient&drone concert, 7.1.2023, Bratislava

A night of wonder. 🌌💤🛌 The all-night concert accompanied by local electronic ambient music producers took place on Saturday 7.1.2023 in the space of Movement lab in Bratislava, Slovakia. We are delighted to share the full 8-hour recording!
Kikon and I played a total of 3 hours of improvisations pre-prepared for this event over the winter holiday. I sampled some of the material and wanted to pay homage to my favorite musicians (you might recognize deconstructed excerpts of Jim Perkins, Nils Frahm, David Sylvian, Hauschka, or Amon Tobin along with my own sounds and Jan Kružliak Jr.’s violin).
Charon and Gabika played a total of 5 hours of their fantastic music.
The sound alone was an exceptional experience for me. We played in pure quadraphonic reproduction, quietly, so that every detail could be heard and the visitors could relax into sleep. When I sat down in the middle of the room, I was floating in a sonic spaceship. There were 20 listeners in attendance, the friendly atmosphere was palpable from the very beginning. For the first hour we improvised more rhythmic downtempo, and some Movement Lab friends took advantage of this for movement contact improvisation. Gradually some of the audience climbed into their sleeping bags, so the lights went down and a more alert group formed a circle around a bowl of candles, where they quietly painted. Shortly before this moment the 8 hour recording begins, which you can listen to. By two o’clock at night, all the listeners were lying down, snoring and sleeping. For me as a musician, one of the significant findings was that people snore to the rhythm and key of the music that is playing!
Those precious 8 hours of music not only works for sleep, it can be used for any kind of meditative listening. Enjoy.

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